...a creative and devasting take on the Anthony Burgess classic...innovative lighting and solid acting.
— village voice
From book to film to stage, a study of the criminal impulse in Tantalo’s intimate production, staged in the round, the show is artful, crisply designed with square blocks of lighting and black costumes. Alex’s violent outbursts are choreographed with the clean efficiency of a professional killer.
— new york times
Masterful lighting...we are not only brought into the mind of Alex, but become active participants as we are drawn into this visceral world, ourselves victims as well as spectators to this confining and disturbing place. Clockwork proves to be an extraordinary and provocative performance.
— hidrama
Godlight Theater Company is bringing Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange to life with astonishing authenticity…director Joe Tantalo has mounted Burgess’ play and his production gives a creative and intelligent interpretation of the material. The performance is done in the round and without intermission, building a sense of claustrophobic paranoia that both forces the audience to be emotionally involved in the action and suggests what it must be like to live under the duress of violence epidemics and governmental scrutiny…dazzling lighting design… Tantalo’s exercise in restraint depicts a dark, unfamiliar future, where everything looks similar but nothing is recognizable. Despite this minimalist approach, there is nothing small about this production. The music is loud and unsettling, the violence is well-choreographed and in-your-face, and the production maintains the ultra-modern, scary-cool feel of the text throughout.
— the daily targum
This production of A Clockwork Orange will captivate your mind and your soul...a must see...Joe Tantalo’s clever directing style compliments Anthony Bugess’s play...Andrew Recinos sound design and Maruti Evans lighting design will blow you away...The cast is is breathtaking...the performances will move and disturb you...Go and see A Clockwork Orange and experience the emotional rollercoaster people are talking about...I highly recommend this show to anyone...Overall Grade: A.
— cinema source
The sense of haughty, youthful discontent and distrust of government shines through in the Godlight Theatre Company’s whirlwind staging of Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange…Joe Tantalo’s bombastic staging literally seems to explode from start to finish…Maruti Evans’ lighting design is grand work…an intriguing production.
— american theatre
You’ll be astonished by the sheer audacity of the Godlight Theatre Company’s tiny but intense take on A Clockwork Orange…Under the dynamic direction of Joe Tantalo, a dozen performers enact this violent, postmodern tale. Check your memories of the movie at the door, enter the theater with an open mind, and prepare yourself for a visceral experience. There are times when you’ll want to reach out and try to save the characters from the brutality that takes place right in front of you; this wildly physical production unfolds with astonishing intimacy.
— theatremania
An intense, chilling 75 minutes of claustrophobic drama...A Clockwork Orange is a play worth coming back to, because it’s loaded with stuff that, though hard to take, is absolutely necessary for us to see and hear...and if you’re new to this company or this play, well, you’ve got a terrific, involving theatre experience to look forward to.
— ny theatre
...director Joe Tantalo has fashioned a black-hearted romp at Theater C (the black box theater of 59E59), whose intimacy commutes mere audience voyeurism to the act of witnessing...while director Tantalo uses both sight and sound to full effect - his scenes of mayhem are almost balletic while his usage of eerie synthesized fugues recalls the Wendy Carlos contributions to the Kubrick soundtrack...I must confess to having enjoyed eavesdropping on the depravity - whether the carousing of the droogies or the government’s attempts at erasure. That said, the production’s portrayal of nihilism is stirring.
— curtain up
Joe Tantalo’s production of A Clockwork Orange is effectively disturbing and thoroughly convincing.
— show business weekly
The play (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) was superbly, and stylishly staged…spectacular and incisive playing by members of the ensemble…extraordinary lighting and a ravishing sound design…terrific theatricality…quite an accomplishment, this won’t be forgotten.
— oobr
The Godlight Theatre Company has a potential cult hit on its hands...Joe Tantalo’s production is bold and in-your-face approach to Burgess’s taunting, timeless material.
— backstage
With A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Joe Tantalo and Godlight Theatre Company firmly establish themselves in the front ranks of New York’s off-off-Broadway theatre community...Tantalo’s remarkable visionary staging remind us that less is almost always more in the theatre. The resultant experience is as vivid and intense an evening of drama as can be found anywhere in town right now...their work needs to be seen.
— new york theatre
FOUR STARS! A toxic fusion of a stripped set, robust physical theatre and thrilling directorial flourishes.
— metro uk (edinburgh festival fringe)
FIVE STARS! Enthralling from start to finish.
— 3 weeks (edinburgh festival fringe)
FOUR STARS! Near perfection.
— fest (edinburgh festival fringe)
FIVE STARS! Wonderfully engaging performance…this play is hard hitting, and pulls few punches.
— one 4 review (edinburgh festival fringe)
FIVE STARS! Brilliant and challenging… Director Tantalo deserves most praise for the delivery of the play’s violence, as each fight scene is choreographed to perfection. In the devastating gang rape scene, the director melds frantic violence and loud music with silent slow motion, making the audience flesh creep as they watch the action…this exciting adaptation genuinely makes you question all that is around you.
— hairline fringe (edinburgh festival fringe)
FIVE STARS! This production is not to be missed!… brutally ravishing and relevant to today, this is a high quality, high octane production…we willingly endure a barrage of sound & action…the show to moves at breakneck speed; 80 minutes rarely passes so quickly…shocking yet beautiful.
— uk theatre (edinburgh festival fringe)
FOUR STARS! Joe Tantalo’s production is constantly exciting… A Clockwork Orange is well worth a look, if you can get a ticket.
— british theatre guide (edinburgh festival fringe)
FOUR STARS! Thought provoking, disturbing and visually stunning… Godlight Theatre Company have risen to the challenge…the choreographed fight scenes are performed beautifully, with a balletic grace which blurs the line between acting and contemporary dance…this is a show which will stay in the mind long after the final bow.
— EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS (edinburgh festival fringe)